Don Cheadle and Brad Pitt take haunted house gamble OCEAN'S TWELVE co-stars Don Cheadle and BRAD PITT took a late night horror boat trip to a haunted mansion while they were filming the heist movie in Italy.The movie stars had been drinking all day and, fuelled with Dutch courage, they decided to cross Lake Como to check out the spooky home that cast a shadow on pal GEORGE CLOONEY's lakeside mansion.Cheadle recalls, "We took George's little skiff over there and toured the place at about two in the morning. You have to be drinking all day before you go."We get halfway across... and Brad turned and said, 'Are we really gonna do this?...' He's a girl. But I slapped him around and we got over there.""When we really started to go in it was not comforting at all, very scary. We didn't see any ghosts, which we were disappointed. We wanted to see something, but we heard a lot of stuff that we couldn't explain.""There was sort of a sluice that went down the middle of the house that emptied into the lake, that supposedly the person who lived there had killed people and sent them down... Nobody wanted to stay."

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