Elton John has revealed he and boyfriend David Furnish act like schoolchildren.The eccentric singer says he has a wonderful relationship with his lover of 11 years, but they love bickering and even argue over who gets to sit where.But the star says David is the love of his life and they are "on the same wavelength" - sharing a love of films, going to parties and talking.He confessed: "We watched 'Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind' the other day. And we both got so irritated we were throwing cushions at the TV, screaming and shouting."Meanwhile, Elton has revealed he is determined to marry David in England.The superstar says he doesn't want to run off to a foreign country to tie the knot secretly, because he is desperate to hold the ceremony in his beloved homeland.He says even the intrusive British paparazzi won't put him off.The smitten pair will wed later this year when Britain's marital law will allow gay couples to unite legally.

He told Britain's Night and Day magazine: "I'm not going to run away to Australia and get married. It's very important that I get married in Britain because I feel it's the only place that I could do it."

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