Emma Bunton is being stalked by lesbians.The former Spice Girl says in recent months she has been inundated with frilly knickers from devoted female fans. She revealed: "I get lots of knickers sent to me - sometimes with photos of people's faces in them. That's a little freaky. People send me strange items." Meanwhile, the beautiful singer says she wants to shed her Baby Spice image for good. Since being part of the Spice Girls she says she has lost weight and become more confident in showing off her sex appeal. She added: "My new album 'Free M'e has done very well in the UK, quietly but on its own terms. I'm not Baby Spice anymore. "I've become more confident with my body. I suppose I have been showing my legs off lately, but I only expose them when I'm in the mood."

Meanwhile, Emma says although she would love to reunite the Spice Girls there is little chance of it happening.

She revealed: "The Spice Girls was an amazing time. Sometimes I love the idea of getting back together.

"But then I think it would be hard because we've all moved on."

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