'Harry Potter' star Emma Watson is being sent Bibles by furious Christians who believe the magical movies are a work of evil.The screen beauty, who plays the boy wizard's best friend Hermione Granger in the series, is building up a collection of the holy books from religious viewers who think she needs "guidance". The 15-year-old confessed: "I have a collection of about 20 in my room. People think I need to be guided"Meanwhile, the star has confessed she is desperate to appear on ballroom dancing TV show, 'Strictly Come Dancing'.The teenage actress revealed she enjoyed learning to waltz for the latest movie, 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire', so much she would love to take part in the on screen competition.She confessed: "I'm desperate to be on 'Strictly Come Dancing'. The best bit about doing the new 'Harry Potter' movie was that I got to learn how to waltz and now I've fallen in love with ballroom dancing"I don't know if they will ask me to come and do it - I guess we'll have to see what they think of my moves in the film"

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