Evangeline Lilly once filmed a TV commercial for a steamy chatline.The 'Lost' beauty - who is dating co-star Dominic Monaghan - admitted she agreed to appear in the sexy advert when she was a struggling actress but was mortified when she saw the final version on TV.She told Britain's Arena magazine: "It was one of those singles services where you call and they try to hook you up for a date."It was so bad I had to lie back on this chair, look into the camera and go, 'Where are you going tonight? I think you should pick up the phone and call me!""My parents hated it. Their friends would come up to them and go, 'Er, I think I've just seen your daughter on some dirty advert.'"Meanwhile, Evangeline has admitted she was so worried about filming a nude scene in 'Lost' TV bosses had to re-write the script.

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