Ewan McGregor was forced to eat animal testicles while on his round-the-world motorbike trip. The 'Star Wars' star completed the amazing 20,000-mile journey across Europe, Russia and North America earlier this year with best friend and fellow actor Charley Boorman. During the road-trip, the pair were invited by a group of Mongolian nomads to join them for an unusual dinner which took them both by surprise. Boorman said: "They took the lid off their pot and there, boiling away, were 200 testicles from sheep, goats, bulls and yaks. They're a delicacy there during the summer." However, despite being prepared to try anything on the trip, Charley admits they both found the experience revolting but were too polite too refuse to eat the cooked genitals. He explained: "Mine got halfway down my throat before I threw up. They taste very gristly. Ewan swallowed his, but we only had one each."

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