Geri Halliwell copes without a man - by boasting a huge collection of sex toysGeri says she started her X-rated collection when she was living in Los Angeles and her sex drive rocketed after turning 30She said: "My libido went through the roof and I wasn't into casual sex because I'm not promiscuous"The flame-haired star says she also avoids buying the toys herself because she feels "genetically split" after inheriting her late father's sex drive and her mother's Catholic cautiousnessMeanwhile, the pop babe has admitted she makes new boyfriends take an HIV test before letting them sleep with herGeri says she insists all potential lovers take a blood test before she will have sex with them and waits three months before bedding down with anyoneShe reveals in her forthcoming Channel Five documentary 'There's Something About Geri': "I try not to have sex with them for three months otherwise you don't know what they are like

"In that time I say 'Go and have an AIDS test and be tested for absolutely everything"

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