Former 'X Files' star Gillian Anderson is getting divorced.The actress - who is best known for playing Agent Dana Scully in the cult US TV show - and photojournalist and filmmaker Julian Ozanne have called time on their marriage after less than two years.A statement from the pair's solicitors, Schillings, said: "Gillian Anderson and her husband Julian Ozanne are saddened to announce that their marriage is at an end and they are in the process of separating."At this difficult time they request that their privacy is respected. There will be no further comment."The couple have been living together in London with Anderson's daughter from a previous marriage.Meanwhile, flame-haired Anderson is set to go topless on the big screen.She will bare her breasts in new British revenge thriller, 'Straightheads'.

An insider said: "There are two sex scenes... one more graphic than the other. There's quite a bit of sick violence thrown in as well."

The film - about a middle-class couple who go on a violent spree after being attacked in a country lane - is due out in the UK later this year.

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