Guy Ritchie has allegedly quit the Kabbalah - leaving wife Madonna furious. The 'Snatch' director reportedly told the sexy singer he is turning his back on the mystical Jewish faith because he has wasted too much time following it. A source is quoted by Britain's Daily star newspaper as saying: "Madonna is absolutely fuming with Guy. Kabbalah is her life and she feels like Guy has rejected her as well as the cult"It took her years to convince him to join the sect and she was thrilled by his growing enthusiasm for it over the past years" Guy fears his involvement in the sect even ruined his new gangster film 'Revolver', which has been panned by critics.The star allegedly believes he should have spend more time on set and less time taking part in the cult's rituals. It is claimed he also regrets following Kabbalah devotee Madonna's advice and including references to the religion in his movie. The insider revealed: "The horrific reception 'Revolver' has received has undone all of Madonna's good work Critics hate the Kabbalah plugs He wants to distance himself from it But Madonna is such a staunch supporter; it will make their marriage very difficult"

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