Actress GWYNETH PALTROW signed to become a spokesmodel for cosmetics company Estee Lauder, because she was desperate for cash. The SYLVIA star shocked fans when she agreed to front a high profile advertising campaign, but she insists it was her first paycheque in three years. She says, "I'll tell you why. I basically stopped making money from acting in 2002. All the things I've done since then have been things I've really wanted to do and I have not made money from them." In other news the pregnant actress is stockpiling figure-controlling underwear, because she fears the battle to regain her superstar shape after she gives birth later this year (06). The PROOF star, who is currently carrying her second child, hates looking less than perfect for her rockstar husband CHRIS MARTIN, and is investing in a wardrobe of girdles. She says, "You think, 'It's fine because I'm pregnant so I'm meant to be fat.' "But afterwards it doesn't go for a while, so girdles are good to raise the morale.

"Lots of make-up and blush are great too."

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