Heather Mills has defended her decision to wear a fur coat.It was revealed yesterday (12.03.07) Heather wore a mink coat - made from up to 40 animals - to a wedding in 1989.She has now excused her actions, saying she only did it because it made feel closer to her mother who had just died.The former model wrote on her personal website: "The coat belonged to my mother, who had sadly died just a few days earlier and I wore it as it made me feel close to her."Heather - an ardent animal rights campaigner who branded former PETA supporter Naomi Campbell a "hypocrite" for sporting fur - has no regrets about her decision to wear the coat.She said: "I am not ashamed I wore it. At the time I was not a vegetarian and I was not an anti-fur campaigner. I was extremely young and not aware of the issues surrounding the fur trade."The footage sparked outrage from animal rights group Bloodlust and Heather has been receiving hate mail covered in fake blood.

Before Heather split from Sir Paul McCartney last year, she regularly worked for PETA - protesting against Canadian seal culling and the fur trade.

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