Heather Mills' impromptu dance routine on a recent flight to Britain was greeted with silence from her fellow passengers.The blonde, the estranged wife of Sir Paul McCartney, was on a flight from Los Angeles to London when the entertainment system broke down during the 10 hour journey.Heather - who is currently appearing in hit US TV show 'Dancing with the Stars' - decided to try and put a smile on the travellers' faces by performing a foxtrot down the aisles with her dance partner Jonathan Roberts.However, the disgruntled passengers were not impressed and failed to applaud the couple when they finished their routine.One passenger said: "We weren't in a good frame of mind because of the broken entertainment system. "When the dance routine, which moved from first-class to economy, finished, no one clapped because we were all in such a bad mood."A spokesman for airline Virgin Atlantic said the dance routine was Heather's idea. They also added that all passengers had received compensation for the lack of entertainment on the flight.

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