Hilary Swank is so tough she used to beat up 'Karate Kid' star Ralph Macchio, he has claimed. The 43-year-old, who found fame as the marital arts whizz kid, claims the Oscar-winning actress is so strong she could knock him out with a single punch. He revealed: "Hilary played the Next Karate Kid after me. She can kick butt.

She's an athlete, she has strength, serious fighting skills, is surprisingly large and dresses in a way that hides how big she really is. I'd go down with a single punch." Meanwhile, the screen beauty recently revealed her intensive training regime for Oscar-winning boxing movie 'Million Dollar Baby' left her with terrible breath. The star, who grew up on a trailer park, said the brutal exercise routine gave her a perfectly honed physique but meant her husband, Chad Lowe, had to put up with her rancid mouth. She said: "I have to admit he didn't find the halitosis easy to live with. All that protein gave me the worst donkey breath.

When he kissed me, he'd sort of pull a face and say, 'Oh honey' but apart from that he was just amazingly supportive."

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