Hulk Hogan says his estranged wife is the toughest opponent he has faced.The 54-year-old former WWE star - real name Terry Bollea - separated from Linda Bollea last November after 23 years of marriage and admits their bitter war of words has taken its toll on him.Hulk - who in his career faced a host of fearsome opponents, including Andre the Giant, Earthquake and The Rock - told Us Weekly magazine: "Without a doubt, this is the most formidable opponent I've ever run into. You talk about dirty tricks. Brass knuckles, steel chairs, cheap shots, tripping people up. I've never seen anybody in the wrestling business that has more dirty tricks than she does. I guess I taught her well."Last month, Linda, 48, filed divorce papers claiming he "relentlessly and methodically" stalks her, "causing her anxiety and fear for her safety at all times". Hulk's lawyer hit back, branding the claims "pure fantasy".The couple's 20-year-old daughter Brooke - who had a disagreement with her father earlier this year after he dated one of her friends - is now no longer speaking to Linda after she embarked on a relationship with her 19-year-old classmate.Yesterday (28.07.08), Brooke visited her brother Nick in jail as he celebrated his 18th birthday.

Despite her mother also being in attendance, she said they "didn't even make eye contact".

Nick was jailed for eight months in May for several offences relating to a car accident which left his passenger, John Graziano, with severe brain injuries.

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