Chat show host OPRAH WINFREY is furious over the way the victims of Hurricane Katrina have been treated, and believes America owes the survivors an apology. Winfrey cut short her summer break to host special episodes of her THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW from the nation's devastated Gulf Coast and was horrified by the scenes which awaited her. Referring to the amount of time survivors had to wait for help, and those who died as they waited for help, she fumes, "I think... this country owes these people an apology. "This makes me so mad. This should not have happened." Winfrey wore a gas mask as she toured New Orleans' now-empty Superdome, which housed thousands of people in disgusting conditions for several days. She says, "Nothing I saw on television prepared me for what I experienced on the ground. "I was sitting at home feeling frustrated and useless, like so many other people, so I came down to personally assess how I could best be of service."