Janet has shocked the campers by revealing that she once appeared in blue movies.Apologies, if you've just eaten - but no nonsense Janet told her fellow contestants about her adventures in Italian pornographic films during a discussion about her former life as a bit-part actress. The good news is that Janet said she kept her clothes on throughout!Although she maintained that she looked "very sexy" in the movies.The sum total of her 'official' screen roles, she said, came to being an extra in the arty Swinging Sixties flick Blowup. But according to the Internet Movie Database, Janet has one other screen credit to her name - playing 'Robina' in a TV play called Merial, the Ghost Girl in 1976. Details of her skin flicks, however, are sadly - or should that be happily - lost to the mists of time.

Now call us catty, but Janet's comments to Sophie that "she didn't make her living that way" when the bra model asked why she wouldn't don a bikini while in camp now seem pretty rich.