Jack Tweed

Jack Tweed

Jack Tweed might not be everyone’s favourite man at the moment, but I quite like him, so I was over the moon last night when I heard that he was cleared of rape charges.

Jack and his mate were accused of raping a girl during a party at their home last year, but yesterday, a jury took less than 20 minutes to clear him of all charges relating to an alleged rape.

The 22-year old’s family were obviously over the moon with the news, and screamed with delight as the “not guilty” verdict was read out, whilst Jack punched the air in relief.

Upon leaving the courtroom, Jack said; “I am relieved the jury has taken a matter of minutes to see through these scurrilous and groundless allegations. I now wish to put the last eight months behind me and rebuild my life.”

Too right Jack, but after celebrating the news with pregnant BB star Chanelle Hayes, I’ve got to say, be careful of fame seekers from now on!

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