James Gandolfini has offered to fight in the Iraq War.The 'Sopranos' star made the startling revelation during the premiere of war documentary 'Baghdad ER' in Washington.He declared in America's New York Daily Post: "I'd go, I'm too old and fat, but I'd drive a truck."The American people haven't had to sacrifice anything."The Hollywood actor declared his views on the war in Iraq in America's The Hill Newspaper - and urged President George W Bush to "reinstate the draft, send 500,000 troops and finish it".HBO special 'Baghdad ER' follows the events in the emergency room of a Combat Hospital in Baghdad's Green Zone during a two month period last year.The controversial premiere - which was feared to be boycotted by servicemen - was attended by 36 soldiers on Monday (22.05.06).

More screenings are planned at 22 Army posts across America.

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