Janet Jackson has revealed she shed four stone because her rings would no longer fit on her bulging fingers.The singer - whose weight ballooned last year - says she realized it was time to hit the gym when her jewellery would no longer fit.She is quoted by Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper as saying: "Some rings wouldn't fit my fingers and watches wouldn't fit my wrist, so I stopped wearing jewellery."The 40-year-old star's weight went from a hefty 13 stone down to a slender 9 stone with the help of her personal trainer, who put her through a gruelling fitness regime.Last month, Janet blamed a movie for her massive weight gain.The singer claimed she had to pile on the pounds for a role in upcoming movie 'Tennessee', but eventually pulled out of the project to concentrate on her new album.She said: "The producers wanted to see me in a different light, as a heavier woman.

"The timing didn't quite work with trying to finish my album, and unfortunately I wasn't able to do the film. So I found myself having to take this weight off a lot quicker than I had planned."

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