HAS JANET JACKSON MARRIED IN SECRET?Movie-maker BRETT RATNER has fuelled Hollywood reports that JANET JACKSON has wed boyfriend JERMAINE DUPRI by referring to the rap mogul as "a married man" in a new documentary.The RUSH HOUR director allowed MTV cameras to capture him making MARIAH CAREY's new video for comeback tune, IT'S LIKE THAT, which features Dupri as a party guest.And, while chatting with Dupri - who produced the track - about the concept of the video, Ratner reveals, "We go way back. I used to hang out in this place called Magic City in Atlanta. I used to bump into him all the time."But now that he's a married man, he don't go there anymore."Dupri just giggles at the Ratner revelation. Publicists for Jackson insist Ratner was simply referring to the fact that his pal is in a serious relationship, and no longer visits strip clubs. Meanwhile, Dupri isn't the only starry guest in Carey's new video - AMERICAN IDOL judge RANDY JACKSON, who is the singer's musical director, ERIC ROBERTS and former JAMES BOND villain RICK YUN also appear in the promo.

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