Jennifer Aniston is reportedly devastated over reports her ex, Brad Pitt, is to become a father.

The beautiful actress was said to have "freaked out" when she heard Brad's alleged new lover, Angelina Jolie, is three months pregnant

The former 'Friends' beauty split from husband Brad six months ago amid allegations he had an affair with Jolie on the set of 'Mr and Mrs Smith'A friend of Jennifer is quoted by Britain's Daily Star as saying: "She has taken it hardShe just can't let it go"She can't stand the thought that Brad could be starting a family with another woman while they're still legally married"Jennifer now wants to meet with her former lover so he can explain the situation to her face-to-faceThe source added: "She wants Brad to tell her the truth rather than have to pick it up second-hand"

Brad and Angelina are yet to deny the rumours they are expecting a child together Earlier this week, a source told America's New York Post journalist Braden Keil: "Jolie's just in her first trimester Obviously, they're keeping everything very quiet" But, despite hundreds of calls from the media to the couple's publicists, no official statement has been released

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