Jennifer Aniston has donated Brad Pitt's clothes to charity.The former 'Friends' beauty was reportedly spotted dumping sacks of her ex-husband's designer togs at a second-hand store in California.A source revealed: "When a woman in the shop realised that it was Jennifer Aniston, she went over to see what she'd left."But it was too late because a worker who didn't recognise Jen had already dumped the clothes in a bin mixed with lots of others."Last year, it was claimed Jennifer burned her wedding dress in a final bid to remove every trace of Brad - who is now romancing Angelina Jolie - from her life.The star was allegedly joined by friends outside her Malibu beach home for the 'cleansing' bonfireReports claimed she was laughing and giggling and even raised a glass of champagne as the stunning gown went up in flames.

Other items that were apparently thrown on the fire included Brad's old love letters, photos and music collection.

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