Jennifer Garner calls her boobs "biscuits". The sexy actress, who is expecting her first child with actor husband Ben Affleck, says even colleagues on her hit TV show, 'Alias', know her bizarre nickname for her breasts. She revealed to InStyle magazine: "My sisters and I were all endowed with biscuits - that's what I call them. "Sometimes when I'm on the 'Alias' set and the guys are setting up a camera shot, I'll ask, 'Is this a biscuit shot?' and they'll say, 'Yeah,' so I know." Although she is proud of her breasts, the '13 Going On 30' star recently admitted she gets fed-up with the constant pressure to look beautiful. The screen beauty says she finds it difficult to cope with Hollywood's obsession with image. She said in a recent interview: "Your looks can be just as important as your acting ability in Hollywood. Being on a weekly show like 'Alias', where I play a butt-kicking spy and wear all sorts of figure-hugging outfits, I've felt constant pressure to look good.

"And I'll admit, sometimes it's really gotten to me."

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