Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez

Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is grateful to have Casper Smart on her world tour.

The 'On The Floor' hitmaker is thankful to have the support of her dancer boyfriend, who has a central part in her 'Dance Again' concerts, because being away from home for so long is hard and she knows he always has her best interests at heart.

She said: "You want people around you who genuinely care about you, not people that are just there for a paycheque. Obviously he does care so ... it's been great to have him there on the road."

Casper added: "Going out on a project like this, you need all the love and support you can get."

Jennifer is also joined on tour by her mother Guadalupe, who helps keep her four-year-old twins Max and Emme - whose father is the 43-year-old star's ex-husband Marc Anthony - up-to-date with their education.

Jennifer explained to 'Entertainment Tonight': "They have their little school, my mom was a teacher for 20 years so she came on the road with me to tutor them."

Casper, 25, also revealed one of his most memorable moments with Jennifer - who he has been dating for around a year - was Valentine's Day (14.02.12).

He recalled: Valentine's Day was a big thing. I rented a helicopter and we went to Laguna Beach. I did a big thing out there."