Jennifer Lopez has confessed hearing the news former fiancé Ben Affleck is expecting a baby with new love Jennifer Garner makes her depressed. The sexy star, who has made no secret of her desire to start a family with husband Marc Anthony, says hearing that her ex love has moved on and is starting a family with someone else makes her miserable.When quizzed on the subject, she said: "Just by raising that subject it depresses me."However, J Lo - who split from Affleck at the beginning of last year - insists she is pleased for the couple and hopes their baby brings them every happiness.She added: "You know, it's a beautiful thing, there are no hard feelings."Meanwhile, Lopez says she struggles to cope with the pressures of fame.The Latin beauty - famed for her extravagant lifestyle - insists living in the public eye has damaged her personal relationships.

She revealed: "You sacrifice relationships, you sacrifice seeing family, you sacrifice your weekends and pleasures everyone else takes for granted."

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