Jessica and Ashlee Simpson have become the target of a vicious verbal attack by celebrity photographer David LaChapelle. The respected snapper, who directed Christina Aguilera's 'Dirrty' video, has branded the sexy siblings nothing more than "lip-synching television stars"He ranted to America's New York Daily News newspaper: "They're everything that's wrong with music, they're everything wrong with culture, and everything wrong with art - in one family! "They're nothing. They have nothing. They hold no interest whatsoever for anybody. They're reality-red-carpet, lip-synching television stars. I don't think they offer anything" Sources claim LaChapelle took a dislike to Jessica and Ashlee after they refused to pose for him for Rolling Stone magazine.However, the top lensman, who has worked with Madonna and Janet Jackson, claims he was only planning to photograph them for the publication as a favour. He sniped: "I was only doing it because of my relationship with Rolling Stone We were going to try and make the Simpsons look cool I realise now that is an impossible task"

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