Joan Collins has lashed out at actresses who have too much plastic surgery - branding them the "Botox Brigade".The 72-year-old says too many stars are ruining their looks by having the wrinkle-reducing jabs.Collins also insists the cosmetic procedure is turning actresses into clones of each other.She stormed: "I can't tell one actress from another nowadays. They have the same make-up, hair, practically the same clothes - the Botox Brigade.""I think Botox is poison. The plastic surgeons want to make you look young, but I don't want to look young, I just want to look good."The pensioner credits her own youthful looks to a good-looking gene that runs in her family.She added to Hello magazine: "My looks are good because I come from a good gene pool. If you look at my sister [novelist Jackie Collins], my brother and my children, we're a pretty good-looking bunch."

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