John Lennon's former mistress has claimed that the late Beatle was attempting to rekindle their romance at the time of his death. May Pang, who was Lennon's lover for nearly two years after he separated from Yoko Ono in 1973, says the pair still loved each other and that the legendary musician was desperate for a reunion before his assassination in 1980She said: "John and I saw or talked to each other right up until his death We were still in love" Officially, May and John's relationship ended in 1975 when he returned to YokoMay added: "I was in my apartment in 1980, the last thing he said was, 'I'm trying to figure a way to get you to come out and see me I miss you May, who was John and Yoko's PA before her romance with John, has complained that she has been "airbrushed" out of the ex-Beatle's history Their relationship is completely ignored in a new musical about Lennon, which has been endorsed by Yoko I just need you'" However, May is adamant that John could not hide his feelings for her despite being reconciled with Yoko

She is quoted by Britain's Daily Express as saying: "I was told by several people who were at a restaurant that I frequented that John was having dinner and suddenly stated in a loud voice, 'I just want to be with May I don't want to see Yoko again I want to be with May only'"

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