JOHNNY DEPP SLAMS US HIGH SCHOOLSHollywood actor JOHNNY DEPP has slammed American high schools because they made him feel like an outsider when he was a student.The CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY star remembers high school as a series of popularity contests and adolescent confusion.He says, "I did feel like an outsider. I felt completely and utterly confused by everything that was going on around me. It was the one thing that the teachers didn't want you to do in school, you know, question things.But I always wanted to know why. It really p**sed them off because it's a f**king valid question. It's the only question."I saw these guys and girls competing for most popular this and that, the Prom Queen and the Prom King, and it was like, 'Jesus, what b**locks,' you know? Absolute c**p."I was lucky in that sense. I was raised in such a way that it wasn't like eyes on a prize. It was, 'Just get through it man, just get what you can get and keep moving.'"

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