'Notting Hill' star Rhys Ifans reportedly turned down an offer from Jude Law and Sadie Frost to join in with their wife-swapping sessions. The actor and his girlfriend at the time, Jess Morris, were allegedly asked by the star couple to take part in the romps they enjoyed with their friends, Supergrass drummer Danny Goffey and his lover Pearl Lowe. But Ifans, who starred alongside Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts in the hit romantic comedy, was said to have told them: "No way." A friend told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Rhys is good pals with Sadie's crowd, but he couldn't believe what was going on. He's now split up with Jess, but he would never jeopardise a relationship like that." At the weekend, it was alleged that Jude and Sadie's marriage imploded after they enjoyed wife-swapping sessions with Danny and Pearl. Britain's News of the World newspaper claimed the repercussions of the swinging sessions had a disastrous affect on their marriage. Sources claimed Jude became obsessed with Pearl, allegedly begging her to have an affair with him.

The first 'swap' reportedly happened after Sadie performed a strip-tease and suggested they exchange partners. After spending the night together, Danny and Sadie and Jude and Pearl had more sessions, but thought their swinging would end after the holiday.

However, the sessions reportedly re-started, renewing Jude's fascination with Pearl.

A source told the paper: "Jude told Pearl she was wonderful and couldn't believe he was sleeping with her.

"However, when Sadie found out, she flew into a rage and had to be calmed down by a remorseful Jude. After that, things really changed and Jude and Pearl never made love again."

However, soon after the swinging sessions, Jude and Sadie separated.

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