MILLER 'CHEATS ON LAW WITH CRAIG' JUDE LAW has reportedly ended his relationship with SIENNA MILLER, after finding out the British beauty has been romancing actor DANIEL CRAIG behind his back. This latest development in the couple's rocky relationship, comes just two months after the ROAD TO PERDITION star admitting to cheating on Miller with his former children's nanny DAISY WRIGHT in March (05). Law and Miller only resumed their relationship again last month (SEP05), after a short period apart. Romance first sparked between Miller and Law's close friend Craig when they worked together on LAYER CAKE in 2003, months before she began dating Law that October (03). British newspapers News Of The World, The People and Sunday Mirror reported yesterday (09OCT05) Law ordered Miller to leave their London home last Thursday (06OCT05) after discovering the blonde actress's alleged infidelity. A source tells The News Of The World, "Jude is incandescent with rage. He thinks Sienna's a hypocrite for giving him such a hard time over his affair when she has been carrying on with Daniel.
"They vowed a pact of fidelity after the Daisy affair, but she's broken it. To make matters worse, Daniel is one of Jude's oldest pals and he feels utterly betrayed."

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