Jude Law has revealed how starring in 'Alfie' brought back memories of his previous relationships. The Hollywood heartthrob, who plays the loveable rogue in a remake of the 1960s classic, says the film reconfirmed what is important in a relationship and how certain factors can cause it to break down. Jude - who is now dating his 'Alfie' co-star, Sienna Miller, after divorcing ex-wife Sadie Frost - said: "What appealed to me was that it's an opportunity to look at relationships, and we've all been in one of these relationships at some point in our lives. Somehow, through the fog, it is clear to all of us that a relationship works when people are up-front and honest with each other and weather the storms, and a relationship is at its worst when there's deceit, distrust and dishonesty." The handsome actor also claims people can't get true happiness from one night stands. He added in an interview with Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper : "Alfie is a guy who relies on the veneer and he thinks it's enough to buy a great, cheap suit, say the right things and bed this woman and that woman, and that will bring him happiness. But he's so wrong."

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