KANYE'S TOILET TROUBLE: KANYE WEST has an embarrassing past - he constantly urinated in his pants during his school days. The rapper reveals he was known as 'the pee boy' growing up because he suffered from humiliating toilet trouble. He tells US magazine Radar, "I remember one time peeing on myself on the way to a banquet. I had this nice rayon shirt on and these linen shorts, because I'd always be dressed really good. "Pee across the front of your shorts - it fucks up your entire outfit."And on the note of embarrassing moments Jessica Alba wants to become President. Sexy actress JESSICA ALBA often fantasises about being the president of America - because she loves the idea of dominating a room full of men. The FANTASTIC FOUR star admits a position of huge power and hordes of men working under her, would be a dream come true.

She says, "(My sexiest fantasy is) me in the Oval Office, in a suit, surrounded by male aides, smiling sweetly at the camera, knowing I rule everybody. I'm all about female empowerment."