Kate Beckinsale has slammed claims she has had cosmetic surgery. The stunning British actress laughed off reports she's had breast implants and Botox injections since moving to America. The 'Pearl Harbor' star was recently given the title of the "ugliest breasts in Hollywood" because of stretch marks on her chest, but she says the lines are a result of having a baby and not a boob job. The mum-of-one said: "A friend of mine kindly sent me those cuttings. But I've not had a breast job. The moment those rumours started was when people saw my stretch marks. "I don't know how people think you can go from eight-and-a-half stone to over 12 stone when you're pregnant and not get them. I've got stretch marks everywhere. "But now it's, 'She's had Botox, and a facelift - it's a tragedy she's done so much to herself.'" The 31-year-old beauty says she could never go under the surgeon's knife - because she's too scared.

She added in an interview with Britain's Glamour magazine: "I'm a full-blown hypochondriac so the idea of getting botulism injected into my head... I know I'd be the one person who would end up paralysed from the neck down."

However, Kate - who is married to film director Len Wiseman - admits five-year-old daughter Lily thinks her appearance has changed since moving to America.

She said: "Lily says, 'Mummy, you're a princess. Why do you look like J-Lo all the time?'

"And I say 'For one, I'm upset that you know who J-Lo is, and number two, what are you talking about?'"

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