Kate Moss

Kate Moss

Kate Moss has reportedly started moonlighting as a DJ.

The 38-year-old supermodel - who is famed for her love of partying - has apparently decided to turn her pastime in to profit by hiring herself out for gigs.

She has been overwhelmed by offers since getting behind the decks for fashion house Prada last month, but with a £250,000 price tag for just half an hour's work, Kate - who has been practicing on a set of decks at her mansion in the Cotswolds - does not come cheap.

A source told The Sun: "Kate loved getting on the decks so much in Paris that she wants to do more.

"She'll keep it to high-end, exclusive gigs though.

"The model has been talking to people in the business and they've said she can charge huge money for it.

"She thinks the price is reasonable and has been told people will pay it, although she'll only play her favourites, definitely no cheesy requests."

Meanwhile Kate's spring/summer campaign for Italian clothing brand Lui Jo has been unveiled, with owner Marci Marchi praising her "magnetic" charms.

He told the Daily Mirror: "Besides her remarkable beauty, charisma and her ability to stand out in a photo, Kate Moss is an opinion leader, an undisputable style icon.

"We wanted Kate as our spokesperson for so long, I think she has an image that is very much in sync with our brand. And I'm really proud of having her. She's becoming even more magnetic as the interpret of our campaigns. Having a worldwide spokesperson like Kate allows us to obtain an extraordinary visibility: we're setting out all our cards and we still want to evolve."