Kate Moss and Pete Doherty had a huge row on a Eurostar train after the rocker accused her of getting back with her ex.

The fiery couple were heading from Paris to London on Wednesday (06-05-05) so Pete could join his band Babyshambles who were supporting Oasis at a concert in the capital.The fight caused the already late Pete to cancel Babyshambles' appearance - one of the biggest of their career.Oasis were reportedly furious at being let down by the troubled star and are now threatening to kick his band off their tour.Fellow Eurostar passengers were stunned when the celebrity couple erupted into their heated slanging match.The row ended with Pete storming off after the row about Kate's ex Jefferson Hack, the father of Kate's daughter Lila.A passenger told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "Pete showed me red marks on his hands that he said had been caused in the scrap.He was accusing Kate of being a psychopath and complaining that she was back with Jefferson.

"He came and sat with me on some seats between two carriages and looked pretty annoyed".

An irate Pete arrived at Waterloo looking worse for wear and exchanged angry words with waiting photographers.

It is the turbulent couple's second high-profile falling out within a week.

Pete went to London's Live 8 show alone after an alleged argument with Kate who watched the extravaganza on television at home.

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