Kate Winslet has hit out at Hollywood's obsession with "skinny" women.The curvy 'All The King's Men' actress is disturbed by size 00 celebrities, like Nicole Richie and Kate Bosworth, and has even banned her husband, director Sam Mendes, from discussing weight in their home.She said: "This skinny thing, it angers me so much. It disturbs me. In our house, we don't talk about weight, we don't talk about body image."I don't understand the fascination with it. The interest in certain people, like Nicole Richie, in regards to weight, is incredible, and it's a mystery to me."The 30-year-old star also declared that she loves her voluptuous figure, and as a role model to young girls she feels a responsibility to maintain a healthy weight.She added: "Now, more than ever, I feel this tremendous sense of staying the same shape and saying, 'Look! I get pimples too.'"In the past, people have been a little unkind when it comes to discussing my weight, but I'm happy with my shape and size - I work out when I get the time. I accepted a long time ago that I wasn't going to be able to wear skinny jeans."

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