Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

He's desperately trying to talk her out of getting the tattoo.

Katie Holmes wants a tattoo.

The 30-year-old actress, who has three-year-old daughter Suri with husband Tom Cruise, is desperate to get an inking to prove her devotion to Tom, but he is unsure.

A source said: "He's desperately trying to talk her out of getting the tattoo."

Katie came up with the idea after seeing the etching pal Victoria Beckham had to mark her 10 year wedding anniversary earlier this year.

Victoria had the Hebrew words for 'Together, Forever, Eternally' inked on her wrist in honour of her soccer star husband David.

Katie is determined to get a similar inscription.

Victoria and David are famed for their love of tattoos, with David getting a ring of roses emblazoned on his arm to mark their anniversary earlier this year.

The 34-year-old sportsman has full sleeves of tattoos on both arms, while Victoria has several inscriptions on her body, including five stars on her lower back and a Hebrew saying down her spine.

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