Kelly Osborne thinks Kate Moss is an ideal candidate for the 'Celebrity Mother of the Year' award - regardless of her cocaine shame.Kate has been short listed for the prize, despite being exposed as a drug user and checking into rehab over the last twelve months.Confused Kelly - whose mum Sharon is also up for the award - is quoted in Britain's Daily Express newspaper as saying: "I can understand Kate Moss being nominated - she always puts her babies first."Kate actually only has one child, three-year-old Lila Grace, whom she reportedly faced losing custody of after the drug scandal.Despite her misguided support of the supermodel, Kelly says she would never hang out with Kate's Primrose Hill crowd.The outspoken blonde is quoted in Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper as saying: "I'd rather eat my own s**t than be part of that Primrose Hill set."I think it's disgusting what that lot get up to. They are like, 'Let's sleep with each other's boyfriends and husbands, but let's still be friends and go clubbing'."

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