Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian

Lamar Odom was surprised by how intelligent Khloe Kardashian was when they first met.

I was kind of surprised at how intelligent she was. You don't know what to expect.

The Los Angeles Lakers star tied the knot with the 26-year-old socialite in September 2009 after a whirlwind month-long romance, although he admitted he did have doubts about her before they met.

He said: "I was kind of surprised at how intelligent she was. You don't know what to expect. Next thing I know I'm spending every day with her. We just hit it off."

The couple only dated for 32 days before getting married but Lamar explained he realised quickly how much Khloe meant to him and didn't want to wait.

He told Playboy magazine: "With her I was like, 'If I do what I normally do, I'm going to lose her. And if I lose her, I think it's going to hurt a lot.' Right then and there I knew. We were together every day."

However although Lamar, 31, adores his wife he isn't always complimentary and his spouse - who is famously outspoken about her body issues - will not be impressed with his answer when asked what would happen if a sex tape of the couple leaked.

He said: "When people see us in person, they see Khloe's not small. I'm not small either. People see us and are probably like, 'Damn, I wonder how that looks'. We wouldn't have anything to be ashamed about, but no, that's not going down."

Lamar also revealed the couple waited some time before sleeping together because he wanted to keep their relationship "classy".

He said: "I tried to. I didn't know why I wanted to wait. We came together and knew what we wanted from each other really early, and everything we did felt good, from a hug to a kiss. Then there was a time when I just tried to be a gentleman about the whole situation. I was accepted by her family. She stayed at my place and vice versa. I thought, 'We're going to step back for a second. Keep it classy.' "

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