Kim Cattrall has denied she only starred in 'Sex and the City: The Movie' for the money.The actress - who stars as PR executive Samantha Jones in the hit US TV show and upcoming movie - reportedly turned down the movie because the money wasn't good enough, but Kim says that wasn't the real reason.She said: "I think, looking back four years ago when we were first discussing a movie, it was a really tough time for me in my personal life. I was going through a divorce and my job of seven years was coming to an end. "Then my dad was diagnosed with dementia which was the toughest thing of all, and we had to put him in a home. I returned to Canada where my family is - that's really the reason behind it. It wasn't all about the money."Kim's co-star Sarah Jessica Parker has defended the actress, insisting she was entitled to consider money before agreeing to the movie.She said: "I heard a number of differing stories, but I never interrogated Kim. At the beginning I thought it was about money. She had mentioned money a bunch of times and nobody should vilify her for that. I think people made a decision that we had vilified her and I think that was very unfair."She's talked publicly about the money being an issue and I think she has every right to do that. But the best thing that came out of it is that we are doing this film now and I think we get to tell a much better story by waiting a few years. This was the right time."

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