Kirsten Dunst has vowed never to be like her mother and let her kids be child stars.The stunning star, who starred opposite Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in 'Interview With A Vampire' at the tender age of 11, thinks her mum, Inez, was living out her dream through her daughter when she pushed Kirsten into acting. Kirsten, who had starred in 50 TV commercials by the time she was ten, said: "I would never start a child out as an actor. There were definitely parts of my mother that would have liked to be acting herself"As a child, when you perform for people, you love it because you get the attention. The danger is that you come to think that's how you get your love - by pleasing people"Kirsten admits she enjoyed acting when she was younger because she liked the attention - but she now claims she only makes movies to please herself.She said: "I liked acting when I was younger, but then it was for attention Now it's not for my parents or for the director It's not for anybody but me"

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