TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp says she posed for a nude photo shoot before she became a top telly name.And the co-host of Location, Location, Location, said she'd do the same again if it was "arty".She told Heat magazine: "There are eight nude portraits of me in existence. They were done by an artist friend many years ago. I've got one in my flat." She says she has just one of the limited edition sets of the pictures herself. The others were all snapped up by collectors. The 31-year-old said she wouldn't have a problem with posing naked again. "I'd do a very artistic shot, which, I hasten to add, would be digitally altered to make me look a size 8. I'd do it for a lot of cash," she said. She also told the magazine she lost her virginity on a yacht before she was 18 - and her mother was in the next cabin. "It was eight days off my 18th birthday and I thought 'I cannot be a virgin at 18'," she said. "It was during the eclipse of the moon, with the Gypsy Kings playing in the background. His mum was on one side and mine was on the other," she added.

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