Kyle Falconer

Kyle Falconer

He added: We had eight weeks to make the new album

The View's Kyle Falconer's girlfriend left him because of his drinking.

The View singer - who is famed for his hard-partying ways - is not good when under the influence of alcohol but believes his former lover's assessment of him is wrong.

He said: "Am I a good drunk? No, that's why I split up from my girlfriend, she said I'm a psychopath, schizophrenic, I don't know why, I just talk rubbish, but don't we all?"

Kyle - who was forced to cancel a concert last October after getting so intoxicated he couldn't play his guitar - admits the band's drinking has occasionally caused problems when making music.

He added: "We had eight weeks to make the new album. We just got p***ed for a week and did nothing then after a week we got told the record company were coming down and we were like, 'Oh f**k' record, record, record!' We did everything we could."