Kylie Minogue is the ultimate fantasy woman for foot fetishists.The diminutive Australian pop singer, who has tiny size three feet, has topped a poll to find the female star British men would most like to play 'footsie' with.Kylie, 39, scooped 15 per cent of the vote, while Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie finished a close second with 13 per cent.British TV presenter Fearne Cotton, Cameron Diaz and Beyoncé Knowles also featured in the top five.George Clooney walked away with the title of 'Footsie King', with 24 per cent of British women surveyed admitting they would like to tickle the actor's toes.George's close friend Brad Pitt took second place, the same spot as long-term love Angelina, with 10 per cent of the vote.The YouGov survey, conducted on behalf of footcare company Carnation Footcare, asked over 2,000 Brits to pick which celebrity they would most like to play 'footsie' with - which involves two people discreetly flirting by stroking each other's feet - from a set list.

Kate Moss' ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty and Conservative Party leader David Cameron are the top turn-offs for female foot fanciers, with neither receiving a single vote.

Despite being most famous for her shapely rear, Kylie has always insisted her feet are her favourite body part.

She recently said: "My feet are quite good. I've had many a girlfriend curse me about my feet!"

Carnation Footcare Footsie Index full lists:

Men voted for:

1. Kylie Minogue - 15 per cent

2. Angelina Jolie - 13 per cent

3. Fearne Cotton - 10 per cent

4. Cameron Diaz - 9 per cent

5. Beyoncé Knowles - 5 per cent

6. Katie Holmes/Tess Daley/Charlie Dimmock - 4 per cent

7. Kate Moss - 3 per cent

8. Jordan (Katie Price) - 2 per cent

Don't know - 6 per cent

None of the above - 25 per cent

Women voted for:

1. George Clooney - 24 per cent

2. Brad Pitt - 10 per cent

3. Simon Cowell/David Beckham/Justin Timberlake - 6 per cent

4. Vernon Kay - 5 per cent

5. Tom Cruise - 3 per cent

6. Peter Andre - 1 per cent

7. Pete Doherty/David Cameron - 0 per cent

Don't know - 2 per cent

None of the above - 37 per cent

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