Kylie Minogue is set to quit working for an indefinite period after her current tour. The Australian starlet, who is currently on the road with her 'Show Girl' tour, said the conclusion of the greatest hits shows would be an appropriate point to take a break. She admitted: "I'm hoping to take some time off. If there's ever been a good time to do that it would be this point." The singer said part of the reason was because the shows were hard work for the audience as much as herself. She said: "I think an audience devotes a lot of energy to a greatest hits show like this and I don't think you can keep asking that of them.I don't see myself doing this again in a hurry." The singer's words have increased speculation that she is planning to retire from pop music along with reports alleging the star wanted to start a family with boyfriend Olivier Martinez, and that she longed for anonymity. Earlier this year, the star bought a property on a remote island off the Australian coast.

The house, on French island, is described as extremely basic and in a very secluded location, away from the beach to escape the prying eyes of photographers.

An estate agent said: "There are some gorgeous beach-front properties but they did not even want to look at them, probably because they didn't want an armada of boats hanging around outside."

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