Foul-mouthed Liam Gallagher has banned his own children from swearing - and now goes to church every Sunday. The Oasis singer - once notorious for his drink-fuelled antics and frequent bad language - claims he is now "practically a f*****g saint" who wants to teach Lennon, five, and Gene, three, to be well-behavedThe star revealed to Britain's Sun newspaper: "I won't have my kids getting lippy No swearing""I don't smack either I give them a dropped eyebrow look and then they know"The 32-year-old star says he has left his party lifestyle behind him, and now eats healthily and spends most of his time at home with his sonsHe said: "I want to live until I'm 120 and be near me kids I don't go out much now - I'm just loving my kids and eating healthy food He said religion now plays a major role in his life

He revealed: "I do go to church I don't ask for things - I just think I spend an hour with The Big One I don't do confession, I've got nothing to confess

"I'm practically a f******g saint"

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