Lindsay Lohan has a new boyfriend.The 'Mean Girls' star - who split from snowboarder Riley Giles shortly after their Thanksgiving break in New York last month - took her latest beau to Hollywood nightclub Goa on Sunday (09.12.07).A source said: "Lindsay was totally smitten with this guy. She introduced him to all her friends and said, 'This is my boyfriend, Spencer.' She kept gazing at him and they were really touchy feely."The 21-year-old actress took her new man out for dinner to top restaurant Il Sole on Friday (07.12.07), where they ate with her photographer friend, 14-year-old Austin Visschedyk.Despite having company, Lindsay and Spencer kissed throughout the meal.A fellow diner said: "Poor Austin looked so uncomfortable. It was definitely a case of two's company, three's a crowd."Lindsay is said to have dumped Riley - who she met at Utah's Sundance rehab clinic in August - because he was jealous of her fame.

A source said: "She made it pretty clear when they got home that it was over. She got tired of him pouting all the time.

"It was fine when they were in Utah, just the two of them. But then they returned to Los Angeles and Lindsay was thrown back into her hectic work. His ego couldn't take it."

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