Lindsay Lohan is set to make an appearance in 'Ugly Betty'.The actress is reportedly set to appear in the hit US TV show's season two finale - and bosses are hoping to sign her up for longer.ABC, who make the show, are keen to persuade Lindsay to film eight episodes for the next series in a bid to boost ratings.Lindsay is the latest high-profile star to make an appearance in the show, which is about fictional fashion magazine Mode.Victoria Beckham's appearance as a bridesmaid was a hit last year, while Naomi Campbell has just filmed a cameo.The supermodel appears in a baseball match that sees the staff of Mode magazine take on rivals Elle - and Naomi revealed she learned to play the sport for the role.She said: "I was given a crash course in playing softball and at one point hit the ball so hard it actually broke in half!

"I had a fantastic day on set, the cast and crew were lovely. The coach said he had never seen anyone pick up the game so quickly."

The model wore red leggings, wedge trainers and black hot pants for her role, which will be screened in the US on May 22.

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