Lindsay Lohan's father has been sentenced to four years in prison for a range of offences committed over the last seven months.Michael Lohan was handed the lengthy term on Friday (27-05-05) at Nassau County Court, in New York, after being convicted of a litany of charges including assault and drink-driving.The troubled 44-year-old's defence team had pleaded with Judge Claire Weinberg send him back to an alcohol rehabilitation centre as opposed to giving him a jail sentence.However, the judge spurned their requests, citing that Michael Lohan's pattern of destructive behaviour, to both himself and his family, needed to be properly addressed.Lindsay, who has snubbed her father in recent months because of his behaviour, was not present at the court hearing and is now planning to apply for a protective order to prevent her dad from seeing her when he is released.The behaviour of Lindsay's father has spiralled out of control over the last few months eventually culminating in the prison sentence.

Last December, Michael - who has a history or drug and alcohol abuse - pleaded guilty to seven charges, including assaulting his brother-in-law at his son's communion party, while in January, his estranged wife Dina Lohan filed for divorce because of his uncontrollable behaviour,

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